A technical or commercial internship at ADMEDES is the ideal basis for excellent development and earning opportunities for knowledge-hungry, motivated school leavers. The growth industry of medical technology offers a wide range of opportunities for the most diverse interests and capabilities.


ADMEDES places great emphasis on trust and good cooperation. We value the performance of each and every one of our employees as an important contribution to our overall success. This also applies to our trainees. We promote and challenge our young talents for goal-oriented work, which is crucial for the successful future of our company.

Whether working on projects or at company events, fun and variety are important.


"I can only say that ADMEDES is a great training company. The trainees mean a lot to the company and their work is highly valued."

Giulia Monasso, former trainee and now in permanent employment


You can read the whole interview and further interviews with our employees here and get an impression of ADMEDES as an employer.


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Application tips

  • Find out in detail about the profession you would like to apply for and in particular what awaits you at ADMEDES - and what we expect.
  • The right time to apply for a training position is between the summer and fall of the year before the start of training.
  • Ideally, you should apply online using our application form; or alternatively by email to careeratadmedes [dot] com with all attachments in a PDF document.
  • The application should contain: cover letter, curriculum vitae (in tabular form), the last two school reports, if available also job references, certificates of internships and the like. A photo is optional.
  • In the cover letter, we would like to know why the chosen apprenticeship is the right one for you, and why you chose ADMEDES.
  • It is always advisable to have someone look at your application so that there are no spelling mistakes.
  • Have a little patience. We understand that you want feedback on your application as soon as possible, and we would also like to give you feedback as soon as possible. However, often we can't do this so quickly because of the application process (selection, high number of applications, etc.). Normally, we start our selection process for the next training year fall. So if you have already applied in spring, it is quite normal for you to not hear from us again until fall. We shall, however, confirm receipt of your application.
  • If you go further in the selection process, you will receive an invitation to the job-related online test.
  • If you receive an invitation to an interview afterwards, we would like to get to know you better! • Use the interview to sell yourself to us. What are your strengths, what experience do you already have (e.g. voluntary work, holiday jobs, etc.), what do you like about your apprenticeship and how do you want to contribute to the training at ADMEDES? You can prepare well for these and similar questions. Everything else you can do by just being yourself. There's nothing wrong with being anxious, by the way, and experience shows that it subsides after a few minutes, so don't worry. Of course, you can also ask your interview partners anything you want to know about training or working at ADMEDES. We will be happy if you show interest!
  • For a good impression, wear a clean and well-groomed outfit for both the online test and the interview. However, we don't expect applicants for an apprenticeship as a tool mechanic to appear for an interview in a suit.
  • After the interview, you will normally receive feedback on how to proceed within a few days.

Apprenticeships at ADMEDES

  • Bachelor of Engineering mechanical engineering
  • Mechatronics technician for industrial engineering StudiumPLUS
  • Electronics technician for industrial engineering
  • Specialist for system integration
  • Specialist in warehouse logistics
  • Industrial clerk
  • Machine and plant operator
  • Surface coater
  • Production technologist
  • Material tester - metal technology
  • Tool mechanic - instrument making
  • Cutting machine operator

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