Business Ethics

We acknowledge our social, environmental and economical responsibility.

Business Ethics.

Our Code of Conduct does justice to the outstanding role and to the special responsibility we have as a German producer and manufacturer of valuable key elements in a globalized world. 


Admedes Corporate Policy is based on sustainability. Therefore, Admedes is committed to careful use of resources, improvements in energy costs and usage, as well as continual improvement of the energy efficiency of the company. This is achieved through the further education and training of employees; increased awareness regarding energy usage in all areas of the company; optimization of costs associated with provision of energy; through the setting of strategic and operative energy goals and through the control of energy usage. Adequate personnel and resources will be assigned to ensure that the goals of the Admedes Energy Policy can be achieved. Through our purchasing strategy, Admedes will ensure that energy-efficient products are chosen, which will result in an improvement of energy usage. Admedes will comply with relevant legislation and regulations with respect to energy and is committed to continual improvement of the energy management system.

Our Energy Policy will be followed within the organization and is part of our Corporate Policy. We will ensure that all employees are informed and understand the Energy Policy and that the policy will be regularly checked and, where required, updated.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act 2010

Admedes adheres to the “California Transparency in Supply Chains Act” of 2010

Although the “California Transparency in Supply Chains Act” does not directly apply to the Admedes group, we as a company voluntarily commit ourselves to adhere to the Act’s statutes. Following the commitments in our Code of Conduct with regards to forced labor, human trafficking, slavery etc., we verify compliance with these standards in our supply chain inter alia by conducting audits (announced audits conducted by Admedes) and supplier surveys according to our supplier qualification and purchasing procedures, and by requesting respective declarations from suppliers.

Admedes conducts internal trainings for employees in relevant sections of the company. Employees and contractors are checked accordingly within our certified AEO program (Authorized Economic Operator).

Business ethics

The ADMEDES Code of Conduct

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