Always searching for better ways to accomplish your objectives.


Our engineers look at each new project as a chess master views a worthy opponent over an unplayed board. An air of excitement surrounds the chance to tackle a challenge that will test their skills and push them to think beyond the known boundaries.

Our engineering team is far from alone in its passion for perfection. Innovation is encouraged and rewarded throughout ADMEDES. Anywhere you look, you’ll find people committed to excellence in their jobs, while also searching for better ways to accomplish your objectives. 

Proud traditions

German engineering is celebrated around the world for good reason. At ADMEDES in Germany and the U.S., we proudly embrace that tradition. Efficiency, discipline, perseverance and the desire to pioneer advances are valued virtues. And no other industry requires those qualities more than medical device manufacturing. We also embrace open discourse. 

Within passion the company and in our interactions with clients, our openness manifests as straightforward honesty, disciplined scheduling and a no-nonsense approach to achieving goals. We understand that you are both busy and budget conscious and we believe that our approach honors your need for swift, cost-effective solutions.

Passion for people

Finally, we are deeply invested in our employees and customers. We hire the finest people for each position and provide them with the tools and training to perform at their best. The appreciation and respect we show our employees translates directly into the care and service they provide to you, our valued customer.


By working closely with you, we smooth your path from concept to commercialization.