Our Expertise



Owning the best equipment does not make a great company, any more than owning the finest ball makes a champion team. It’s the skill and dedication of our people that make ADMEDES one of the the world’s leading manufacturers of nitinol and other metal-alloy medical implants and components.

One of our unique features is the high percentage of our employees who are engineers or scientists. That engineering focus and material expertise benefits customers by allowing us to continue refining process designs to ensure each component is optimized for cost-effective production and long-term stability following implantation. Today, we offer services that fully support the metal-alloy component needs of medical device companies around the world, including providing efficient project management that ensures you meet your project timelines. 

Research and development

Our deep understanding of the medical device industry also drives us to continue improving and expanding our capabilities to meet current and emerging demands. We employ an advanced research and development group that constantly explores and tests new technologies and manufacturing processes to enable new applications, materials and design options. 

Reduced time to market

At each phase, you interact with experts who will answer your questions and recommend actions based on their years of experience producing medical device components for life science companies. The combination of our experience, engineering capabilities and equipment selection enables you to quickly move components from development prototyping to large-scale manufacturing. 

  • Rapid Response prototyping 
  • Prototype, clinical and full-scale production
    » Laser-cut component manufacturing
    » Wire braiding and forming
    » Microassembly 
  • Test lab services 
  • Quality department support
Our expertise

We offer a full array of technologies and manufacturing processes to produce medical devices and components. Even more important, we bring the skill and experience to accelerate your project.