Our ideas have helped clients bring hundreds of products to market.


No matter where you are on the journey to market − from a roughly sketched concept to a product ready for full-scale manufacturing − our ideas speed you to your goal.

Every project begins with an idea − your idea. Our job is to turn that idea into a medical device component that matches your vision, delivers optimum performance and is easy and cost-effective to produce. 

How your idea evolves

Our process begins with a critical first step. We learn everything we can about your concept and its application. Our engineering experts read your specification carefully, listen attentively and ask questions. Once we understand your idea, we present our thoughts on how to cost-effectively produce a component that meets the highest performance standards. Our engineering, test lab and Rapid Response prototyping services allow us to work with you to test and refine designs until we achieve an ideal result. 

Where our ideas come from

Just as your ideas are born from intimate knowledge of your field, our ideas are grounded in experience advising, supporting and manufacturing finished nitinol medical implants and components for clients worldwide. Our scientists, engineers and materials experts share their ideas with you to ensure you receive quality products that further your success. 

  • Heart valve frames and devices 
  • Peripheral arterial stents 
  • Coronary and neuro stents 
  • Venous stents
  • Endovascular aneurysm (EVAR and TEVAR) components 
  • Pulmonary stents 
  • Gastroenterology stents 
  • Delivery system and catheter components
  • Orthopedic devices 
  • Ophthalmologic devices 
  • Distal protection devices 
  • Vena cava filters 
  • Bypass connectors 
  • Ventricular-assist components
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