Rapid Response prototyping

Rapid Response prototyping is our promise to deliver your prototype within a few days.

Rapid Response prototyping.

Time equals money when turning an idea into a marketable medical device. To accelerate your journey to profitability, we created a Rapid Response department staffed with some of our best engineering, material and technology experts. Our Rapid Response team works hand in hand with you to convert your idea into a prototype − within a few days.

Whether you bring a sketch drawn on a napkin or a sophisticated 3-D engineering model, we go through development with you to arrive at a prototype design that delivers what you want with optimized manufacturability. The department is well-equipped with laser cutting, wire technology and microassembly capabilities and works closely with our test lab team and experts throughout the company to deliver top-quality prototypes. 

Refinement process At the next stage, the initial prototype undergoes testing and inspection, providing data we use to move toward a more refined design, which we translate into a next-generation prototype. We continue the design-and-refine process until your idea is ready for benchtop and clinical testing.

We never sacrifice details for speed.

Instead, we record each step so that you can provide documentation when presenting your idea to internal stakeholders, investors and regulatory agencies. 

  • Dedicated team of engineers and other experts
  • Access to test lab and hundreds of ADMEDES engineers and scientists
  • Ultrafast (femtosecond & picosecond) excimer, DPSS and CO2 lasers
  • Laser micromanufacturing capabilities: Ablating, cutting, profiling and drilling
  • Wire braiding, winding and shape setting
  • Capability to handle various geometries: flat sheet, tubular, alternate profiles and wire
  • Surface finishing
Rapid Response prototyping