Wire Technology



Our comprehensive selection of wire technologies helps our customers meet the widest array of medical applications. Capabilities include wire processing, forming, braiding and winding, as well as surface treatments that enhance biocompatibility and durability.

As medical science advances, we support our customers who are creating the next-generation of implantable stents, filters and other devices. We work with you closely to achieve the best possible results, whether that requires conventional technology, any of our many patented and proprietary approaches, or something entirely new. We offer a broad array of wire technology capabilities.

Wire braiding

Interweaving or twining wire for conventional, flexible, closed-loop and single-wire braiding Wire winding Fully automated, tension controlled process produces high-quality and uniform dimensions, characteristics and surface finish in three dimensional structures.

Wire forming

Two- and three-dimensional shapes and unique structures in a wide range of wire diameters and types. When you work with us, you gain access to the extensive capabilities and in-depth knowledge earned across our more than 20 years of design-for-manufacturing experience. Equally important, you gain an ally you can depend on for support and guidance at every turn.

  • Braiding materials: Nitinol, cobaltchrome, DFT composite
  • Braiding wire diameter: 15 ųm to 400 ųm
  • Winding wire diameter: 25 ųm to 600 ųm
  • Winding wire material: wide range of materials
  • Laser welding: various material combinations
  • Crimping: various material combinations
  • Shape setting: Conventional and proprietary tools and processes
  • Surface finishing: Electropolishing (including patented blue oxide treatment), microblasting, mechanical polishing, passivation
Wire technology

The variety of wire technology we offer allows you to move effortlessly from initial prototype through full-scale production.